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Deep learning is a subset of machine learning and is inspired by the human brain. Deep learning is based on artificial neural networks.

A typical deep learning model has at least three layers. Just like how humans learn from experience, the deep learning models also learn from each iteration and tweak the parameters accordingly to improve the outcome. Each layer learns from the previous layer and then passes its output to the next layer.

A Neuron is the basic unit of computation in a neural network. It is also called a node or unit. …

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Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Then what is AI? Artificial intelligence is the process of making machines capable of performing human tasks. As we humans learn from our past experiences, machines learn from past data. We tend to respond to a situation based on our past experiences. In our brain, we have stored all the situations we had encountered and the corresponding responses as a key-value pair (A key-value pair (KVP) is a set of two linked data items).

Our brain can recognize a pattern in each of these situations and responses. So whenever we encounter…

He was my senior in CET (College Of Engineering, Trivandrum) and in the same branch. He was a very brilliant and bright student. He used to explain to me all the subjects in civil engineering especially structural design. We knew each other even before I joined CET. I knew him right from childhood. During my school days, he used to help me with Maths. Whenever I cried due to a small cut on my finger, he used to tell me that I should be strong and not cry even if I had a big bleeding wound.

His love for writing…

I t has been a while now! Sorry for the long absence. I couldn’t write anything for the last one month. It wasn’t just ‘writer’s block’. It was a mixture of so many things. Due to unavoidable reasons, I had to reorganize my time. Thus, I slipped out of cyberspace. But I learned a lot of life lessons during this time. Some were expected lessons whereas some were totally unexpected. Anyway, after a long gap, I am back! :-)

Lesson 1: Sewing is not just craft, it’s therapy too.

Mummy (my mother) used to stitch all our dresses including school…

A few months ago I was waiting in the airport on my way back home from my native town. I usually ensure that I reach the airport or the railway station far ahead of time. This is a habit that I got from my Papa. After finishing the check-in formalities I took a book out and started reading. I always keep a book in my handbag. The book happened to be Hypnotizing Maria by Richard Bach. It was a gift from my brother. In the book, the author explores flight and metaphysics.

After reading a few pages the Wright brothers

We all know death is inevitable. We will all die someday. Still, we live as if our time on earth is infinite, maybe because we become nervous when we think about it and hence prefer to ignore it. Even when I witnessed sudden and unexpected deaths of my dear ones, including my dearest Papa recently, I had never thought of my own. I believe death is nothing but a travel from this physical plane to the astral plane. But still, I do not have the courage to visualize my own death and its after-effects.

I recently read that AI (artificial…

Dear Tea, I hope you are aware why I am writing this letter to you. Don’t feel bad. I am sure you will understand me and accept anything that is good for me. We met when my mom introduced you to me at the age of 6. Since then you have been with me every day, morning and evening! Somehow I used to hate milk then!

I have always been fascinated by your colour. One rainy evening while I was walking back home from primary school, I noticed some muddy water on the roadside. It looked so similar to you…

We were visiting a temple in South India during our family trip. A common sight at the entrance of any temple is a row of poor people expecting money or food from the devotees.
While standing in the queue awaiting Darshan, I saw a man in front of me sarcastically pointing out to a woman who was extraordinarily obese. All the people in the queue turned towards her. She was sitting on the pavement with tattered clothes and a broken bowl in her hands. Her head was bent down. I felt sad for her. I wondered why the goddess would let…

The year 2017 was the first new year in my life which I started without my Papa, my beloved father. He was my guru, mentor, friend, advisor, in short, everything. The year started after 4 months and 2 days of his absence from this physical world. So I could not welcome it with the same mindset that I used to welcome the previous years. I missed him and was feeling miserable. I was clueless about how to overcome it.

Papa’s passing away made me aware of the fact that anything can happen in a split second. Our life can change…

Dear younger self,

You just celebrated your 20th birthday in October! You must be wondering who I am. Don’t be surprised; I am just you, but an older and, hopefully, wiser version. However, I think you are more fun — cracking jokes more often than me! And you laugh for every little thing unlike me. I am more serious! You are so full of energy. You take the stairs two or even three at a time, and here I am searching for elevators and escalators!

I am married and the mother of two wonderful kids. My son is 3 years…

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